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Brochure & catalogs

Brochures & catalogs

Some of you might belive that brochures and catalogs are old school, but they still work and the function of the brochures should meet the same criteria as a good website page. How do you react when a customer demands more information about your products when he is in your store? You direct him to your website? That wouldnt sound to good in the ears of your customer. Your company is up and running, but you have not taken the time to produce a complete catalog or a good brochure. It is time you start paying attention to this website and start writing down how you could fit your hour-long presentations and sales pitches about your products in a brochure. For some, it can sometimes be a bit difficult with the information that must be included in brochures and catalogs.
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Many stores still use old brochures with old data with tipex over the previous prices and write down the new product prices on the side of this. I have even seen extremely lavish marketing materials that are over-produced and not effective enough to justify the high price. Many retailers also choose to only use their suppliers' brochures and marketing materials but that is not enough. The brochure will help you to create dialogue and position your company for the customer, not your service provider. So take therefore the time to read this article about everything from what the brochure must apply to what you should consider when creating your own brochure.

Why you should create a brochures

If you try to create a company that invests money in creating your own profile and brand, than the the brochure acctually makes the whole job for you, well maybe you need to put up good website, facebook and youtube channel, but now the customer is in your store and it's time to connect your store with the customer.
Brochure styles

Pointers to create your own brochure

Here are some tips on what you should consider when you make your own brochure
  • First off create your brochure with potential customers in mind. One of the major mistakes that many small businesses do is to focus their promotional material on themselves, instead of the customer.
  • Create a timeless catalog or brochure so that the contents lasts until the brochures are out of stock. If your products or your range change frequently so you may want to spend some extra time and develop a template brochure about your company and use the product sheet for each product. Price lists should be done separately because it may happen that you want to change the prices in the future.
  • Make use of clear headlines, illustrations and images, and do not be afraid to write a lot of text, but make sure you are very informative and your content conveys your intention or objective.
  • Also Make sure that something in the brochure contains reference materials. Something that causes the brochure are worth keeping even if there was a purchase right now. A list of anything that might be important to know, or you can add the missing information in your competitors' brochures which makes brochure worth keeping. Great images can be a good option for this. Also make sure that you have all contact details, order forms and that you tell the user more about your business and do this in a entertaining way.

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