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Buying billboards as advertisement

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Interested in buying or renting billboard ads?

If you are interested in buying billboard advertisement make sure that the billboards is placed in a high trafficked area, positioned so the passerby can easily see it and in locations near transportation points, foot traffic and that the audience you are targeting could be potential customers.

Billboard and hoarding still work!

For you who don't know what hoarding is, it is a large outdoor advertising structure that we call a Billboard. If you need to make a big impact in your local area, using billboard advertising can be a good choice. But this is not for all companies especially not for you who operate a smaller company. Billboards are often quite expensive and located at sites with a big audience reach. Reach and frequency are two really important aspects of any advertisement and if you make good outdoor advertising which engages the consumer it most certainly will work. If it is a fun and creative billboard it will probably also end up in thousands of Instagram feeds. And it these types of creative billboard this post is about!

The best and most creative billboards

Creative Billboard Ads? Could you be creative with a billboard? Well, Yes it is possible and quite easy if you just have a dedicated team of marketeers by your side. And creative billboard advertisement is what this post is all about. So let me present my top two billboards:

#2 Creative Digital Billboard

British Airways used a digital billboard with a great placement next to an air port. The location was perfect and made the impact of the video that was played on the digital billboard and helped to reinforced the message. Here you can see how important the billboards placement is. For British Airways the placement was the key ingredient that med this billboard go viral.

#1 Creative Digital Billboard

Universidad de Ingeniería & Tecnología / University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru made this awsome and creative billboard, the advertisement for UTECs Portable Water Generator is great. This billboard also went viral, but serves a greater purpose than most bilboards. Here they highlight one of the major problems in developing countries and also one of the main problems some suffer with. It is a fact that not everyone has running water that is safe to drink in or near their houses. It's actually so bad that there are those who have to walk several miles to reach a water hole, check out this billboard and learn more about how creative one can be used to illustrate certain problems.

Different types of billboards

There are tons different types of billboards and I will try to find some examples to show of in my next billboard advertisement post. Make sure that the billboard is creative, sexy and placed in the right location, go out and drive and see if you find any good and creative billboards. Here are some different types of billboards.
creative billboard advertisement
  • Painted billboards
  • Digital billboards
  • Mobile billboards
  • Inflatable billboards
  • Multi-purpose billboards
  • Other types of billboards

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