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I am a strong beliver that shared knowledge could be the key for success! This belief and my need to help others succed with there business is the reason I created the storefront website/blog.

I hope that the information posted to this website will be helpfull to you and your business.
There are lots of bad, good and great stores and business owners around the world who might turn a profit and create a better enviroment in and around there businesses, but knowledge is key - and if you are a business owner you damn sure should put some money on a great storefront and learn some of the things I write about on this website.

I have always wanted to write a book

I have always wanted to be a writer and I have always wanted to share my knowledge about running websites, business and tons of other stuff that I have wanted to do. I have grown up in a family of business owners. From this I have learned tons of tactics and how to serve customers by selling to them, but also tons about marketing and owning businesses.

The past years I have worked with search engine optimization, websites, start-ups but also helping family with theire businesses.

Why you should read my posts and blog

I think my practical knowledge that I have from always being involved in entrepreneurship and business, my education in business economics will build a good enough foundation for me to share my knowledge. On my website I will know share some of my thoughts, ideas and what I have learned about business acumen: sales, marketing and around entrepreneurship, brick and mortar, e-marketing and similiar subjects - I hope this site will be a good site for you who search information about running a company, but also other things important for you who would like to learn more about entrepreneurship, customer analysis, increasing sales, entrepreneurship and how to run a business.

Much of what I write comes in from their own opinions, I choose topics that I have picked up and put on mind during my years involved in start-ups and family businesses. 

This blog/website is for retail, brick and mortar, managers, staff, store owners and for you who want to learn more about marketing and how to sell more in your business. The posts and pages on this website is about how you can sell more by learning more about business.

So start reading, I hope you like it!

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The storefront is the facade of your business. Often stores, restaurangs and bars are located on the ground floor or street level of a commercial building so it is important to keep a good facade. The function of the storefront is to attract visual attention from potential customers to your business and your merchandise. Each day we'll go by or visit thousands of restaurants, small shops, shopping centers and small hairdressing salons. We go to these locations to buy something for ourselves or to buy something for someone else, when we do this we create a transaction that will help this company and its employees on to a brighter future. But there are stores that I walk past every day, and these businesses stand out, they have bad storefronts, dirty staff - perhaps downright useless staff with poor service, poor menus, poor facilities, shitty products. Not to mention the shitty managers and owners who have let everything go so far.

Good store fronts make me happy

It makes me crazy when I think of those companies that offer bad service or bad products. Fortunately, so usually these companies not be long-lasting and must beat the crowd after a year, but there are always a few that are left and it always starts up new ones. There are also examples of really good shops and businesses that because of the bad economy or bad choices forced to shut down their shops.
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Hi! Great having you on my site.

This website/blog is about how you can make more money on your store or business.

Please read through the pages and let me know what you think.

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