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Starting with coupons

Sometimes, it takes something extra to get the customer to come back or to implement their purchase. Maybe you have a large stock of goods that you want to get rid of or for some other reason you want to start with coupons to strengthen customer relationships and find new customers. Then you can use the coupons! Vouchers gives customers a clear reason to come to the store. You can make coupons that offer customer discounts, free goods or providing the customer with something extra if they show up coupon. Making use of coupons is not just about getting the customer to redeem it, but it is about getting the customer to buy more things, or to discover / rediscover your store.
coupon marketing
Coupon campaigns makes it easy to measure the performance on the campaign.

How to start running your coupon campaign:

  • Make sure that the coupon has a great offer, either heavy discounts or by offering a bonus product. For example, "Buy two-for-one" or a free service in connection with the purchase.
  • Make the headline in bold, easy to read and see also the title has a good value for the customer.
  • Please have a picture on the coupon (pictures attracts glances).
  • Make sure that you get with both your logo and address on the coupon.
  • If you offer services, try to get your benefits on your voucher.
  • Use the best words in marketing: Free, Now, New, How to, Warranty, Money, Light, You, Proven, Fast, Profit.
  • Always offer your customer something extra when using the coupon. Make sure you have plan on how to use the coupon to sell even more to the cupong user.
  • Put the products that you promote on the coupon in the back of your store.
  • Make sure the cupongs are signed with name and adress (email adress). If you know where your customer lives or can get in contact with him/her by email you can use this when promoting your store the next time. 

Coupon templates/examples

couponscoupons for storescoupons 50 procent offdifferent types of couponscoupons and flyers

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