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Lighting and signs

Lighting and signs

Creating a great lighting and using good signs in your store is a good way to increase product display. Having a good stand with highlighted products and signs could easily increase your sales.


Your store lighting can be one of your most important components to highlight the products in your store. To not invest in a good lighting is a big mistake. The lighting and the lights in your shop can improve the environment for staff and customers, but can also be used to highlight selected products. Poor lighting makes people tired, to bright lighting gives headache.

Invest in a lighting designer

Good examples of good lighting will often be found in modern supermarkets, grocery stores are few who invest huge capital in both the design, layout, lighting and signage. For they have noticed that it pays to invest capital in their store and to lead customers through the store checkout. Good lighting is not something to be invested in the future, but it is something that you as a shop owner should invest in immediately. If you do not have equity in letting a professional lighting designer arrange the lighting so I recommend you to make it easy for yourselves, creating a quiet overall mood with light and to avail yourself of spotlights directed towards products that you want the customer pay closer attention to. It is also important to have a good lighting setting in fitting rooms, using the wrong lighting will make your customer look pale and fat, but with a warmer light the customer will feel warmer and more comfortable in the clothes he or she is testing. If you do not have the money to invest in a lighting designer, go and visit other stores and carefully study their lighting, power the lights, how and where they are located, but also the distance between the lamps and the products.

Signs and displays

The signs that you use in your shop will help improve your store's image, but should also help to sell your products. Fancy signs that are only looking good are of no use, they contribute only to the aesthetic but also takes up space in your location without possibility to directly influence sales. Well, sometimes it can actually contribute more than the aesthetic, but I recommend more directly go for a more selling sign. Read more about signs and displays

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