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Store design and storefront

Store design, signs and storefront

The first impression your customer gets are from the outside of your store, the door, your storefront and the signs you use. The storefront might be your cheapest and most effective advertisment you have in your arsenal. Check out these concept storefronts
store front
The storefront tells your customers what your business is about, what you can excpect from it and which type of products you sell. Creating a perfect storefront will appeal to your targeted customers, attracting them into your store with a strong urge for shopping. So how do you create a good storefront?

Creating a good storefront

The perfect storefront, display window, shopwindow, shop front or show-window should be made with the same care as a movieposter. It should make your customers want to go and watch the movie, your store, at once - if you can not lure them in to your store at once they might be lost for ever.

Tips & suggestions for a good storefront

So keep your windows shining clean, make sure you try different approaches every week to make sure what is most effective. Try new ways to display your products, you will soon notice what is most appealing to your customer group, or you may discover that you can attract some new visitors.

The sign in the window

Have you ever noticed that most storefronts that you see are made to be viewed straight on? Could not it be that this is wrong, for it is not so that most viewers closer to the stores from the side? If you imagine that you have a sign in the window that you want them passing should note so maybe it's a good option to let the sign be angled toward the viewer so that you can easily read what is on the sign. It may look a little odd if you stand right in front of your storefront, but most will pass from the side so it does not matter. The signs that you put up in your storefront should follow either the theme of the shop window, describe goods, opening hours, website address, any offers or prices on products. If you run an upmarket store, keep in mind that more often then not tend to display product prices in the shop window. It is also be important to have a good lighting in your windows to spice it up for your window-shoppers. Read more about lighting and signs

Storefronts with a special theme

Invest in good lighting in your storefront and create storefronts around a theme. There may be specific themes for the season, special days like Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter or Halloween. But it can also be creative and do the opposite, maybe you can have a beach-theme in the middle of winter or a winter theme in the middle of summer. Do not forget that you run a store and not a museum, make sure that you use your storefront as a sales tool and replace goods and signs at regular intervals.

Store mascot or a barker

Having a store mascot or a barker in front of your store and calls out to passersby could attract customers. Make sure that they follow a script and do not interfere with passersby, but still they are here to attract attention to your store. Other creative ways to use your mascot is to use a model in the stores front window. You can also use a display stand infront of the store displaying news. Note that there may be special rules for this so talk with the relevant authorities before doing so.

Fixing the sidewalk

Fixing the sidewalk outside your store is a simple fix that you have seen plenty of times, and it works good. Just put a red carpet leading in to your store, put some flowers on the out side. And if there a benches infront of your store - make sure that they are pointing in your stores direction, so anyone sitting outside looks in to your store. It is also important to keep it neat and clean outside the store. Brush off the pavement, removing snow, remove garbage, wash away any vomit and try to remove any urine odor from your facade. So make sure the sidewalk is clean and put some flowers near the doors - but make sure you don't block the entrance.

The door to your shop

All to often I walk by stores were the doors are full with stickers from brands, security companies or other stickers. Make sure you keep it clean and front your "products". Also make sure that you have both opening hours and domain adress on the door. Maybe you also could put up any incintament for your stores visitors to visit your website, I mean more than just your websites adress - maybe they could get a code with "10 procent of" from your website? Also be aware that your door is a barrier so be sure to have the doors open if possible.

How to create a well-designed store

To design a store requires a special knowledge and is a job that should be done by professionals. But if money is not railing over, then you should continue to read some of the tips I share with you on this page, they will be worth your time and reflection. What determines whether a store is well designed? Well, the answer is easy - a well designed store makes it easy for your customer to make a decision to purchase. A key factor that can determine if you sell today or tomorrow is how you display your products. Read more about designing a store

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