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Product placement

Product placement

Learn more about the art of product placement in stores, tv-shows, games and in movies.
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The best placement of your products or advertisment (signage, billboards etc.) is straight in front of your customer. Unfortunately, the problem with this placing products directly in front of potential customer is dealing with that there are no customers that will be walking sideways in your store, so having the "perfect product placement" can be very difficult. But you are certainly not on this page to learn how to find the best product placement for all of your but you would like to know and learn at first how to select the product that you should spend the most time in finding a good product placement in your store, than how you could make this product at "star" in your store.
Do you know how your customers are moving in your store? If you do this will be much easier for you to learn how to choose the best placements for great exposure. Often this is the same product that sells the most, but not necessarily. What you want to do and what we now must go through and work with is the spontaneous product placement occurs in a store and to work with and improve product positioning of selected products.

How to increase sales through product placement

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