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Practical tips for flyers

Practical tips for flyers

Once you will design your own flyers and if you are not sure how it should look like, there are some different approaches to facilitate the planning project.

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Tips for when creating a flyer:

  • How is the design of your flyer look like? Visit a spot where there are lots of flyers, scan the flyers and note which ones stand out to you the most. If you still are unsure on the design, browse the internet for flyer templates or hire a professional to do it for you
  • If you are still going to do it your self, make sure you write a simple, short and big headline. 
Try keeping the headline to no more than 4-6 words. Also make sure to test different types of papers and  make sure you get quality paper for a low price, browse the internet to save time or visit a specialized printing company and ask for help.

  • Make sure testing different sizes and make a pre-print before printing hundreds of flyers. If the flyer is to be used on a wall or in a rack make sure you it can be seen from a distance.
The use of a good font is important, you use should use clean, simple and thick fonts. Make sure you avoid clutter - keep it clean with space around graphics and text.
  • If you have customers who leave the store without buying anything make sure that they get with a promotional note with the link to the website and maybe a voucher that they can use on your website. Make every effort to convert the curious visitor into a customer.
  • Add a value to your flyer so it is interesting enough to keep more than one day. There are several ways to make your flyer more interesting, be creative!
  • Think twice before you decide before placing flyers under  the windscreen wiper on others cars in the parking lot. It may indeed be that you angers more by doing it. But if you must do it make sure that you give any value to the customer, such as "use this stamp card and get half price in the purchase of three products."
  • Make sure that your flyers end up at vendors. Tell them that every order they can acquire gives them a percentage of sales. (if so keep tracking ids on different flyers)

Here are some simple examples of stylish flyers:

new bikini
opening flyer
flyer sale
put flyer on car

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