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Location and marketing

Location and marketing

Finding a key location

If you have a key location for your business you will be more likely to succed. Whether you have the highest prices or worst employees so it will be hard to lose if your store is the best place. What is a key location for a business or store? Read more about finding the best location

Get customers to find out about you

In the city I live there are over 100 pizza-restaurants, 50 burger joints and 10 malls. Are you going to use your mouth and scream or get creative and use marketing, social media, television, radio, newspapers, billboards, direct mail, digital advertising, searh engine optimization, keyword marketing and other media are all good ways to market your company. Read more about creating a buzz

Customer analysis and strategic thinking

Let us do a customer analysis and some strategic thinking. Do you know you customers? Are you giving your personal the right education? How do you handle complaints? Is profiling something you can use? Have you created a niche for your shop or are you trying to be a shop that offers everything to everyone? Do you know why your customers shop at your store? You get my questions? You want more? Learn more about customer analysis and strategic thinking

Whats your marketing strategies?

It really doesnt mather if you have or have not created a marketing strategi, yet. Maybe you don't care about markeintg, you find it expensive or maybe you are one of thoose who all ready know everything about marketing. But really, do you know everything? Having a marketing strategie written down could help you make a successfull business. Find out more. Creating a profit

Positioning and thoughts about positioning your self

It is all about positioning, well yes it is a trendy word to throw with. But what is it and what is really all about positioning and how can it help your business find a gap in the market for you to fill? How does your company differentiate from competitors or other companies? Learn more about positioning your company

Whats your competitive advantages

Are you going to compete wipth price, education, better delivery, free gifts? Maybe you want to open a 24/7 computer service store? Then ask your self are you going to be able to deliver on these promises and will this benefit to get customers to buy from us? Find your competitive advantages

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