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Signage and billboards

Signage and billboards

Using signs and billboards to communicate and market messages and products to increase awareness and capture the attention from your customers could be a good investment. To increase the awareness of your store you could either turn to good signs hanging in your stores windows and/or turn someone in marketing who could help you get your signs displayed on billboards. If you are going to invest money in billboard-marketing you should make sure that they are not in a rural places, but in a high traffic area where you could reach thousands. But if you run a store, and don’t have to much money to spend on marketing - maybe you should just keep it simple and start with good signage and simpler displays. Use signs in right way in your store and make more money!

Signage and signs

When it comes to working with your stores signs, be hard on your self, you only have one opportunity to do a good impression with the message on your sign. When potential customers and passersby walk by your store, or inside your store, you have approximately three to four seconds to attract attention to your store or products. With a good sign you get the opportunity to influence the daily passing potential customers to visit your store. So be clear about what message you send to them via your signs. A professional sign in your storefront will tempt passersby and customers to try your products, but just because you now have the opportunity to make use of of signage in your shop window and you can not print 100 pieces of paper and fill your window, or assigned ad-space, as you do with post it notes on your desk. All to often we see signs with ambiguities, typos and misprints in the text and image - so take your time and create a good sign.

signage and signs

Before putting your signs up

See each table and shelf in your shop as a unique selling station, ask yourself what could increase sales at each and every station, also consider how the signs should look at this particular table or shelf. How should the products be placed, how will the lighting be and how to be signs in the best way be to increase sales for this particular sales station. For it is not the time to just put up signs in your store, but each sign shall fill a unique feature - increase sales. Now go around in your store and think about what your customers probably do, think and reflect on when they stand where you stand right now. Perhaps the customer will go past this section in a particular pace on the way to the next to be - if so, then the message must be on the sign be short and quick. On the next sales station, then maybe the customer to stop and look more closely, then we can take the opportunity to have a sign with more information. You can also use the signs to increase more trade of other commodities such as by putting up a sign that deals with nails if you stand at the hammer, if the toothpaste when you stand at the toothbrushes, if the soap when it is at the towels, if... Well, I think you understand my point.

Different types of signs

In your store so you can make use of various types of signs. You may have signs that you use on the walls, the windows, behind the counter, the products, the products, in fitting rooms, electronic signs with ongoing communication about special events, offers and discounts. You can also use signs in different colors, shapes and sizes. If you are unsure how your signs should look like or can not afford to hire a decorator so you can follow these tips: Check out the big stores or malls who'll have there own decorator, big stores and malls often spend millions on signs and racks, see what they have done and copy it to your store. Place the signs so that they sit in the middle of the natural point of view. Try different themes and placements, make sure you replace them with new content at regular intervals. If you have a lingerie shop for women with waiting places for men, why not put signs and offerings targeted to men in the vicinity of where they usually wait. View all posts about signs


If you need to make a big impact in your local area, billboard advertising can do the trick. But this is not for all companies especially not for the smaller companies. Billboards are often quite expensive and located at sites with a big audience reach. Reach and frequency are two really important aspects of any advertisement and if you make good outdoor advertising which engages the consumer - that means you provid ads that are smart and have colour, humour and insight to the billboard - than it most certainly will work. If it is a fun and creative billboard it will probably also end up in thousands of Instagram feeds. But focusing on on other media might be a better start for smaller stores.
billboard models
If you are to invest in billboard advertisement make sure that they are in a generally high trafficked area, positioned so the passerby can easily see it and in locations , is located near transportation points, foot traffic and that the audience you are targeting could be potential customers. Invest in smart marketing activities. View all posts about billboards

Brochures and catalogs

If you are interested in how brochure, flyer or leaflet work and how it could be helpfull for your company or organization read more below. This type of marketing is often used to share information and to introduce your products and services. Brochures could be handed out by your personal, be placed around your store or placed in brochure racks at other locations. Learn more about brochures & catalogs

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