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Lost and Found - a secret weapon for increased traffic

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Learn to use competitive advantages
as a secret weapon

You can not be everything to everyone, there are just too many and to big actors in your industry that offers the best in a particular area of ​​either product range, price or service. Often the major companies chooses the two of the three options I mentioned. And almost every time they target pricing and product range. What your company needs is to offer a "secret weapon" that the other players do not plan on offering in pursuit of increasing the traffic to your stores. As long as you can justify your price and explain why a product is worth the sum standing to the product, you will be able to sell it. Your customers expect this, so make a list of what you offer and then make a list of the benefits that you have. Try to create a unique competitive advantage and use this as your "secret weapon".
increase traffic and sales at store

Improve traffic and sales by using a "secret weapon"

When choosing your "secret weapon" it is important that it is based on what you think or even better, know what your customers want. To do so, you must know a basic thing about marketing - that your customers do not need a drill without the need for a hole. What I mean by this is that there is always another level to look for when it comes to your customers' needs. It is important to choose the right weapon to drive traffic to your store or e-commerce is that enough to like your secret weapon so much that it becomes crucial for them when they take the decision on where to shop.

All your competitors and companies show their advantages in marketing and your job is now to show your advantages, nowadays it is especially important to highlight its benefits when there are so many products and services that are so similar. The only way for the customer is then to differentiate the product, good or service through the way they are presented in.

If your business is in a highly competitive industry, where all the products are the same, then it is your job as a marketer / business / advertising agencies to identify your competitive advantage and highlight in all marketing. If it is so you do not have any competitive advantage right now so there is the possibility to create them through to improving any product, service or price. To make a smart investment and invest in your competitive advantage is probably one of the smaraste features that your business can do for a better future.

Competitive advantages to get more traffic to store

The most important thing when it comes to highlighting and finding competitive advantage to market is, that the advantage makes your targeted audience to buy from you today, or in the near future.
  • Faster deliveries
  • Home delivery
  • Deliveries at odd times
  • Expanded services
  • Installations
  • Training in the product
  • Free Products
  • Free service
  • Free installations

After finding your competitive advantage

Ask yourself the following question - What makes your company different from your competitors? If you do not have an answer then you could run in to major problems. If you do not have any competitive advantages, it is not likely that your business will be long-lasting.
  • Will your targeted audience appreciate the advantage?
  • Will you manage to keep your promises/advantage?
  • Will the customers believe in the highlighted benefits?
  • Will your targeted group appreciate the advantage?
apple competitive advantages
One of Apples competitive advantages is their product range.
Another way to do this is to see if you can provide multiple versions of your products, perhaps your competitors only offer the product in the color "black and white", maybe you then could create your products in the colors green, blue, red and yellow? I wish you the best of luck in finding the competitive advantages for your company. Read more about making money Learn more about sales

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