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Creating your own signs and signages

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Are you going to start with signs and/or signage

This post is for you who seek information, tips and tricks for making signs and signage.

Using signs and billboards to communicate and market messages and products to increase awareness and capture the attention from your customers could be a good investment. To increase the awareness of your store you could either turn to good signs hanging in your stores windows. Either you do it your self or you turn to a professional in making signs and signage. The larger and more exclusive you want your signs to be the more likely it is that you should turn to a professional signage-maker.

Important to think about if you are to do your own signs

Ok, so you've Decided to Be Part of a project to do your own Signs and signage. Here is What You Should Keep in Mind During The Project. Making a professional sign doesnt need to be expensive. By creating a basic template it does not need to be hard or take up much of your time to make changes on your signage. You can spend more time in the beginning on the template and making simple changes to it once in a while.
  • Do not over do your signs. Some billboards are full of small pictures, quotes, sale price, product information and other characters that make it difficult for the viewer to read and process diplsays fast enough.
  • When you do it do it simple - Use one image, use one headline and a bulleted list - that is everything you need for a good and informative sign.
  • A sign that you put up in a store window must be even more simpler. The reason for this is that the message must be perceived in a shorter time and that is should create buying signal at even shorter period of time.
  • Use few and striking headlines, such as "Sales", "BUY ONE FOR TWO" or any other card that tells you what's happening in your store. The simple rule that you can stick to is that the more time a customer is exposed to the sign, the more information you can fill the plate with.
  • Stick to two to three colors. Choose a background color, text color and one color for important keywords
  • Make sure that color contrast in the signage is good. Use dark text with light backgrounds for example. The combinations that often are used are white and black, yellow and black, green and white, red and white, white and blue.
  • If you are to use your signs in a longer time period, make sure you use a good quality sign. If you are to use the sign on the outside it needs to be in even higher quality
  • When you are done with the layout of your sig make sure the placement is perfectly placed, make sure the passerby sees the sign from the angle he comes from.

Getting ideas for signage

If you are not used to making signs and you don't know where to start i recommend you either go look at your competition for som good ideas on how to make you signs, buy some interior design magazines or go visit blogs, Tumblr and Google to look for good exampel on signage.
sale signssigns and siganges

"Please don't use these signs"

Have you ever visited a restaurant with a sign hanging over the toilet "Only for paying customers", a fancy store with a "no food or beverages in store" or a retail store selling chairs or beds with a "don't try" sign?

It is important that your signs calls for purchase, putting up negative signs, or signs that affect your customers' buying mood negatively shall not be in your store. Have they already up so you just have to take them down. Your job as a shop owner is not to tell customers what they should do or not do.I understand that many store owners get nervous when little children come in with ice cream or that staff become irritated by people who build mountains with goods they are testing, raises garments from packaging. But the message that you send to other customers is that you do not trust them. If you still, after all, want to make use of these kinds of signs - make sure that you write a gentle, nice text and have a good layout/design on the sign.

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