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How to sell even more

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Sell more by caring about your customers

Take a moment to think about this - Have you ever felt unsafe before or after a purchase of any product or service? Perhaps you have felt it in your stomach, how it gnaws at you and you feel you might have made your biggest mistake. You may feel that you paid too much for the product, that you choosed the wrong brand, color or model? Maybe the seller lied to you and that it's not going to be as good as they claimed?

So? Yes, you probably might recognize your self in this and maybe you think that this post is really addressed to the copers, but it is not. This post is for those who want to increase sales through understanding your self and your competitiors. How you and your business/store could be better in your roles as business owners and sellers. Often you need to give your customers good support, but how do you sell support and while supporting/helping the potential client also help to push him over the edge so that he makes the correct decision and the sale goes through?

By pushing the the client to early, he will lock up and be scared. If you do it too late the customer may already be lost. So the best thing you can do is to get the customer to understand that YOU and him are the best of friends. To do this you need to show him that you are not going to be a "complicated" seller - cause that will scare him of and make it hard for him to come back to your store if he ever was to regret the purchase afterwards. So go out there and be his best friend.

Sell more by knowing your products

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Your job as a salesman and entrepreneur is to know every aspect of your products and have a good insight on all the competing products on your market. How else will you know that your product is better than your competitors? (Because it is!) And if it is not be better than your competitors products, don't worry your product is still the best, you can lure him and press on all disadvantages your competitors  products, which is not always the best thing to do - but maybe instead of bashing down on your competitors you could highlight the benefits of your own product.

Now it is time for you to become an expert, an expert on your products and product category. By placing competitors' products against your own products the magic of a sale will most likely occur. People that work with this type of tactical comparative sales - often sell more. If you are unsure about this check out different websites or visit other stores with sellers who know there products, if you are to do this at home and see if comparing others products with your own is a good idea to increase sales go and look at the more professional websites and you will see that they highlight the advantages of their own products and comparing these with competitors services and products. Find your competitive edge and benefits - read this blog post for more information on how you can find and work with your competitive advantages.

Making money on your knowledge

The more you know about your product and similar products the more enthusiasm you will radiate. You should simply be your customers expert in this field, you must be that they put their trust into. If you doubt your product or not mastered it enough, you will transfer the uncertainty on the client. So you have to ask yourself the question if you believe in what you are selling. If you answer yes to that question, then the security to be passed on to the customer automatically when you speak. To truly succeed in sales you should not invest everything in selling, because it allows you probably already but you must invest more time and effort to get to know your customers, your products and your product segments. Read more about how to make money Learn more about sales

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