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Also need to make a sex tape

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Should I be making a sex tape?

Creating a buzz by creating a sex tape or just will this lead to a big fail?

By making a sex tape could be one of the most smartest or one of the stupidest things you do, it could make you rich, it could be a highly effective marketing tool for you or your brand. But it good also back fire depending on your followers/customers. It is often a good way to post sexist movies and clips about your product on youtube. Everybody loves sex.

The reason you should also make a sex tape is just because the spread it could take, it is a good way to reach out and depending on the sexiness or humor your clip has the wider the spread will be about your company. When I write that your company should make a sex-tape with your wife, I don't mean you should do a real sextape cause that movie will be taken down from youtube in an instant. Uploading a sexy youtube video will be a magnet and if promoted right it will probably be seen by thousands. I mean you should do a "sexy" tape, a clip about sex which is either educating potential customers how they can use your tools in another way, or just use something that makes your product look more sexy. We all now that sex sells, and it sells great on the internet!

So which companies could use youtube to sell more by marketing sex. Here are the three that is in the top of my mind,

1. A company in the sex industry who wants to market them self
2. A company producing tools. Good way to market a lube company So what do you think? Could your company make a sex tape as way to market your company or your products?
Bike company, Everyone loves bikes and girls who ride bikes have strong slim legs?

There are also a lot of famous actor who started by doing porn, stars like David Duchovny, Sasha Grey, Matt LeBlanc, Jackie Chan and Carmeron Diaz starred in a bit to sexy movies.

If you have a good idea how you can use sex in advertisement please comment below.

If you have a different opinion about in using "sex" in commercials and if you are not in on companies that use sex in advertisement, please share your thoughts and let us all debate this subject!

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