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Men's buying behavior

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How men think and act in a retail store

At the risk of sounding like a man who is not a feminist and with the risk of making a very big generalization, the difference between the two sexes are pretty big. This post will deal with the differences between men's and women's buying behavior in retail stores and stores in general. I have read some research on this topic and will write down some assertion about how men operate broadly when they are out walking around in stores. We will begin by reviewing the men's buying behavior in retail stores

How men operate in your store

  • Men do not normally like to shop.
  • Men don't like to ask where things are located at in your store
  • A man goes straight through the store directly to the product he must have, he picks it up and goes directly to the checkout.
  • Men wants it to go fast in the store, they want quick service and make fast decisions. Therefore, as you probably know, it is difficult for a to be a good companion while out shopping.
  • Men plan their shopping, this could make it difficult for your staff to get them to look or buy something other than they already planned to buy.
  • If you sell clothing, You should put the fitting room next to the mens department, because if a man can not find it quickly when he should try on the clothes - it's a great risk that he does not bother to shop and leave the store.
  • If you do get into a man in a fitting room, it is only if the size does not fit that stops him from purchasing.
  • Men are happy to receive suggestions from staff once they find themselves in a situation where they try clothes. So your staff should be attentive to the clothes the men tries, if it doesnt fit you should be fast in proposing clothers that can replace what he tried.
  • If you have a shop for women so it is important that you also appeals to men. Make sure that the men have no place in your store where they can wait, please see that you have some sport magazines or technology magazine near his place.
  • If you have a store that sells products for both men and women, or if you have products specific for women, it is important to take advantage of situations where men are in the store. Make sure you come with suggestions on gifts for their wives. Suggest everything from specific products to gift cards, but suggest a maximum of 3 - because we know that men do not like to choose from too much.
men's buying behavior
So what do you think about men's buying behavior, do you have something to add?

Please comment below.

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