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Different type of customers

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Learn to succeed in sales by reading your customers

There are almost as many different types of customers that it makes people, we're all unique and we all have special characteristics that make us unique. But it actually goes to divide your customers into different compartments. There's the lazy customer, Squeaky customer, the customer who already knows everything about everything and there is also a client who wants to be friends with everyone. To succeed in selling to all kinds of people, no matter what category the person belongs to, you have to be able to read the person you meet and putting your customer in the right category, and after putting him in a category - you then know how you should approached and sell to him.

The different types of customers

Part 1. To day we will look at three types of customer categories. The wiseguy, the boring and the tedious customer - Learn how to put up your sale tactics when meeting these type of persons. In the next episode of my "Learn to succeed in sales by reading your customers" we will also learn how to sell and deal with customers who belong in categories such as "Coach potato", the whiners, the perfectionists and clients who can not decide if they are to purchase or not. Learn to how to sell more by reading potenital customer.
  • The besserwisser

  • Maybe you think the "Besserwisser" is a dog or a german hot dog, but it is not. People falling under the "besserwisser" category are people who are "wiseguys" and who has the know-it-all mentality. This is the category for those who obnoxiously claims to be knowledgeable on your subject. Learn how to handle and sell to a person who claims he knows it all.
  • The tedious customer

  • The tedious customer is a tired but stabel person, this is a good customer to have - but you have to get through to him. This is also a person who might be socially inexperienced and tend to get a little off by new situations. Learn how to handle and sell to a person who claims he knows it all.
  • Your new best friend

  • This is a person who wants to be everyones friend, he loves to talk, used to be in the center of attention and him to is probably working as a salesman. Learn how to handle and sell to another salesperson.
  • Learn to read customers

  • Soon I will make a new post on how you can learn to sell and read other types of customers.

How to handle and sell to a besserwisser

Learning how to handle a wiseguy is acctually quite simple, you should handle such a person in the same way no matter what type of situation you face him, if it is at school, as a work colleague or even if he is your potential customer.

To successfully sell something to someone who claims to know everything about your product, similar products and your industry, than you have to be very professional in your tactics. It is easy to start a argument or showing your skills of when talking to these types of people, but dont do that. For this type of person it is extremely important that the he feels important, he will also try to do everything in his power to get the people in his surrounding to feel stupid or inadequate.
There are lots of salepersons who tries to be cocky or go into "battle" with this type of person - but you should know this is the worst thing you can do when trying to sell to wiseguy. Cause if you do, you will never achieve your goal to sell to him.

The best thing you can do when trying to sell to a wiseguy (besserwisser) is to be professional, anoint their confidence a lot, give them compliments when they talk about topics related to your industry, declaring that "You had never been able to figure it out yourself" - "What fun that you mention it - I had no idea about it."

Your goal is to use a sale tactic where in the customer feels superior in his behavior, because when a wiseguy in a sales situation feels superior, they will feel good and when a customer feel good, then he will buy your product or service from you.

How to sell to tedious customers

This a boring but stabel person, this is a good customer to have - but you have to get through to him. If you have a boring customer it is important to let this person take his time, show him that it is okey for him to take his time to make his decision and try to connect with this type of customer by letting him know that he can trust you. So build up your sale based on trust!

Sell more to the customer who wants to be your best friend

It is easy to make friends, but how do you sell to someone who wants to be everyones friend? Do you know the type of person I am talking about? The customer who wants to be your "best friend". This is a customer That is enthusiastic and outgoing. He loves to talk and is always in the center. This type of customer is involved in everything and in everyone, he lives with strong impulses and is a buyer who loves to buy things that draw attention to themselves. People who fall in to the "best friend" category is probably working with other humans in one way or another. To make a sucessfull sale to this type of person the communication is the key to sucess. You have to reach out to them as a friend, ask question about what this customer thoughts and feelings about your products and services are and when he tells you how much he loves your prodcuts the opportunity arises when you will be able to seal the deal.
Please leave your opinion on these types of customers!

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