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Storefronts for retailers (part 2)

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Storefronts and branding

Humans are simple creatures, we likes to recognize ourselves in our environments. We like it cause it makes things more simple, it does not matter if it's in the gym, in a kitchen or in a store. By building up your business with a concept for your brick and mortar storefront you will connect with your customers on an "unconscious" level. This is something that you often see the big brands and chains do - they use the same concept on the design and in the layout of the store, they put product categories and product groups in the same place and in the same part of the stores - no matter if it is in China, Sweden or on Manhattan. This is a good choice to facilitate the shopping experience for your customers. To work with a concept layout and design is something that is particularly more attractive to men, since men have a slightly different behavior when they go around in a store.

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Branding for brick and mortar stores

Branding is something that is important for all types of business, maybe you run a small business and you feel branding might seem like a waste of time - like it is just another thing to clear in your checklist. But if you ever would start with branding your company or store you will start to see that it is not. Branding acctually is verry important even to small business operations, it will be a good investment and give you more "bang for your buck".

Brick and mortar storefronts

Exterior and fronts for bars and restaurants

For restaurants and bar it is very important to look inviting for passersby, the storefront design should match the interior - the interior should match the exterior. Your clientel should like the atmosphere. You should invest time and money in lighting, exterior and interior. Try to make it unique.

bar and restaurant exterior
Concept for "The Bar" a restaurant and bar front

Exterior and storefront for shoe store

The front, exterior and interior is also important for shoe stores. Mr Choe and other stores should make it simple, put time and effort in timeless storefront and make the "products" pop-out of the shopping windows.
shoe storefront
Concept storefront for a "Mr Choe" a brick and mortar storefront

Maybe you belive that branding by using a nice storefront isn't important?
Examples on companies who use a concept design and layout for theire stores are:

IKEA, Apple, McDonalds,  Wallmart and many more.
And they all look recognizable!!!

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