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Well-designed store

A well-designed store

Some of the basics of creating a well-designed and efficient store is to work hard with the front store of your store, but also work hard interior and layout of your store. Your goal is to get the customer / visitor to buy something from your store, but to get more visitors to buy from it is important that you think about the design in the store - cause this will help - If you lead the client through the store - through both skilled staff but also by creating a design and layout that appeals to the customer.

To lead the visitor you first need to draw a map and observe hundreds of store visitors. You need to observe how your customers automatically migrate with your planned routes. This requires a lot of testing, a bit of luck but also to follow certain rules and statistics available on how someone walks in stores.

Use obstacle in your store

For example, most visitors in a store turn right when they walk into the store, so then you have to take advantage of this fact to get them to your checkout. When a customer has entered your store it is important to quickly address customer needs - by signs or highlighting your products - before he has gone over the threshold. It is here that factors such as odor, light, texture, walls, displays and color affects.

If any of these factors are wrong in your store, there is a great risk that the customers miss any of your products, good offers and signs that you have put up in your store. And if we already know, or if you examine where your customers go when they first walk into your shop (right, left or to the back) you can take advantage of this and improve your chances of selling more by putting up "natural" obstacles that the customer needs to walk by - in every obstacle you should post signs or highlight special products.

It does not matter if the first obstacle is high profits or high-demand products, or a place you design to tell your story.

Guide your customers - speed bumps

By getting the customer to go a particular way inside your retail stoer, you can alter the potential to generate business. It is also important to create so-called "speed bumps" that meets customer and stops at, these can be created by special offers, texts to read, a mirror, put out a table with the goods that you have to go around.

 In frequented stores so you can see in amongst even too small disks and the small number of cash registers that do not fit on the number of buyers. So make sure that you have sufficient disk, relative to the size of the premises, to accommodate staff and traders. Behind the counter so it is also suggested that you have interesting offers and products that can generate impulses that lead to more purchases.

Security for shops and retail stores

It is for the common good that when planning a store making sure to put up mirrors and disk so that you can have such a good view out of the store as possible. By placing your disk so that from the street can always see the staff, may not reduce the risk of any robbery, but will make it easier for others to see so that all is well. By having a good overview of the store and to learn who is a security / robbers / shoplifters you can also reduce the number of thefts.By placing your checkout counter near the entrance / exit as you will have greater track of who visits your store and increase the ability to bust potential shoplifters. By filling in and keep track of the number of products in the store and you will see even easier when products have "disappeared" in the shelf.

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