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Women's buying behavior

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Women's buying behavior

Women love shopping, spending money and dressing in pink. At the risk of once again sounding like a douche bag and with the risk of making a very big generalization, the difference in buying behavior between the two sexes are pretty big. This is part two of my "Mens and womens buying behavior" and this post will deal with women's buying behavior in retail stores and business in general. I have made some research on this topic and will write down some assertion about how men operate broadly when they are out walking around in stores. We will now begin by looking at women's buying behavior. Please make comments if you want to start a discussion about women's buying behavior or if you have something you whish to add to this list.
womens buying behavior
Women's buying behavior

How women operate and behave in your store

  • The world is changing all the time. What has not changed is that shopping is a social activity for women. Women like to shop with her friends. They encourage and advise each other to purchase different products. So if you have several potential customers in your store, you should spend more time paying attention and encourage those women who are in your store along with any female friend.
  • Women wants to have many choices. Gone are the days when women are housewives and had time to compare prices, of course it helps today's technology allowing price comparisons on your mobile. But today's modern women have less patience and less time to look for stores to get the best price. Women expecting a huge range and do not have time or inclination to visit several stores to find what she wants. Women know the difference between a variety of low quality and a great selection of varying qualities and prices.
  • A woman makes purchasing decisions based on price and quality. Women are not only interested in the lowest price. Most women expect to pay more for better quality, she prefers brand products but can buy a lesser known brand if she is convinced quality, durability and value.
  • Women often ask themselves subconsciously if they have time to do their shopping, so if you have a business selling to women, make sure that the checkout is fast and you have "no" queues.
  • Women prefer to shop in stores that she has a relationship to work actively with loyalty programs and customer activities. Try to tie up your female customers. Women are also loyal to stores that give her discounts or anything that will make her shop often.
  • Women are proud to shop in some stores. And women will tell their friends to visit shops that met up to her standards of quality.
  • If a woman is with a child or a man in the store so she will buy less and spend less time in the shop.

How to get women to buy more

Encourage your female customers and offer "friend" discounts. Emphasize on price and quality. Be active and work with loyalty programs and give female shoppers discounts.

womens buying behavior
Womens buying behavior
female buying behavior
how to sell to a woman

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