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Defend your right for shopping

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How to defend your shopping sprees

Are you looking forward to going down town for a afternoon full off shopping? Does friends and family often object to your sudden shopping sprees? Here is a list on how to defend your shopping!
Buying great clothes, equipment and other stuff prolongs our lifes - well maybe not prolongs our lifes but it brings us some more quality in to our lifes - above all the perceived quality of life and maybe just for a short while but it does - and that's why shopping is so important to us. Here comes an article about how we customers deals with reason before shopping and purchases. And by putting yourselves in your customers shoes, you will be able to predict and increase sales of products and services.

Why we consume and go on shopping sprees

In the same moment we get money in to our bank account the dream of spending these money starts. The money is freedom coins which you can use to make your life better, but can also turn it into something worse. We learn how to shop at an early age, we learn to look, feel and take in all the other information on how a product affects us. But we also learn also how it can help us to influence others, how a product we buy, get people to create a perception of our identities. Once we have gone through the stage of feeing on a product, it's time to try it, and the older - more experienced we become, the better and more refined, our methods to try on clothes and products will be. To be continued...

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