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How to sell more cars and close more deals

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The Car salesman guide on how to sell more cars

Every person that you employe should be a great sales person, selling more or getting better margins is the only way you and your business will continue to blossom. This articles is about helping you helping you customers by selling more and closeing more deals - but to do this we need become a better sales person.

Some people are born with the skills to sell sand in Sahara and ice on Antarctica - but for most of us the only way to learn and get better as a salesperson is to learn what needs to be learned, do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said.

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How to sell more cars  - Becoming better at selling cars

These practices could be used to help you close sales and sell more cars, equipment or products. It will also help you increase profits by using sale techniques for upsell and cross sales in your store. But to simplify and to make this post more direct - I will write how to become a better at selling in a car salesmans perspective.

Whether you are new in your line of work as a car salesman, have been selling cars for a living your whole life or just want to learn more and get tips on how you could sell more cars and make a larger commission each week/month. Selling cars to the public is not like any other retail job and not everyone is cut out to be a car saleswoman or a car salesman.
Sell more in your store How to sell even more...

How a car Salesman could sell more cars aka. The sales guide for Car salesman

If you follow my blog you will understand that I never finnish a post, I keep on adding thoughts and answers to all my blog posts trying to make them as good as possible. Hope you like this simple Sales Guide for car salesman!
  • Find customers potential needs 

    It is not hard for a car salesman to learn more about his/hers customers potential needs, just write everything down that you know people need. And I mean everything. Than write everything down than your potential clients needs based on demographics. Write down what a "white singel mother" needs, what a "black guy in expensive clothes" needs, what a "young guy with Ralph Lauren outfit" needs. Find your customers potential needs and than try taking up these subjects when talking to them. Demographic analysis and many prejudice are often true, and often work. If it doesnt you sure will be a better salesmen trying to figure this all out.
  • Figure out budget range for the buyer 

    If you know what he can afford you can show Im either cheaper cars in the beginning and working your way up to a more expensive, more suitable car for this type of gentleman.
  • Earn your clients trust

    This is a hard part, maybe the hardest for a salesman. The easiest way to earn someones trust is to be 95% honest.
  • Be honest

    A honest  salesman is a salesman your client can trust. You become a honest car salesman by dressing appropriate and beeing your self. If you are beeing true to your self you are beeing true to your fellow humans.
  • Dress, smell and act like a professional cars salesman

  • Talk and try to learn as much as possible about your client

  • Listen, look and learn! 
  • Add extra value to the deal (service, support, extra tires)
  • Help your client save money on buying a new car

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